Dan Ashendorf - About Me

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MY MISSION - to help you make a reliable monthly income online 

I have successful e-commerce business selling a range of physical products on Amazon, eBay and my own Shopify stores. 

I'm also a prolific product creator, launching a new software or tutorial every month on either Warrior Plus, JVZoo or Clickbank. 

I'm an affiliate marketer, promoting digital products to my list, on YouTube and social media. My goal is to change lives through the products I promote.

I also coach students to attain a reliable monthly side income. I created the company, ACS specifically to help them with this. I have also launched 2 software apps for finding trending Amazon products and promoting these on Pinterest.

What else do I do? 

I am the proud host of “Dan Ashendorf - Internet Marketing Savvy”, a podcast dedicated to entrepreneurs, underdogs  and those who are still searching for that elusive “laptop lifestyle”.​

I'm a YouTuber, educator and blogger.  

Last but not least, I'm a family man and husband to a beautiful wife and two gorgeous daughters.  We all live happily ever after in Watford, UK.

​See you on the podcast :-)